Emotions List

Things that make me happy:

  1. A packed fridge with lots of food
  2. Fresh laundry
  3. Buy 1 get 1 free (clothing & food)
  4. Student discounts on movies
  5. When friends hit me up first (especially when we don’t really know each other)
  6. Going for a night walk with my mom
  7. Acai bowls
  8. Being in a crowd (small or big) praising one God
  9. Fully charged iPhone
  10. When my long anticipated package gets delivered
  11. Disney soundtracks that sound like the classics
  12. When non-Christians get saved and come to Christ
  13. Missions
  14. Getting an A on a final paper about a book I never read
  15. Captain Crunch
  16. Costco samples
  17. When I had a flat 60% before my Political Science final but raised my grade to a 85% after the final
  18. That one time when I bought 1 breakfast burrito but ended up with 2 in the bag
  19. Drawing
  20. Talking to grandmas and grandpas
  21. Nature

Things that make me sad:

  1. Looking at caged birds in Pet Smart
  2. When people push plans and don’t stick to the schedule
  3. Global warming
  4. Dying coral reefs
  5. Dying honey bees
  6. That one time I saw a sloth at the zoo but lost the chance to hold it
  7. When housemates are gone over the weekend and I’m stuck at home…carless
  8. When people say they don’t like kimchi
  9. When people say they don’t like Chipotle

Things that make me mad:

  1. Flakers
  2. People that say “let’s hang out, I’m down” but don’t actually do anything about it
  3. When people are inconsiderate about other people’s situations
  4. When people/friends talk behind your back and act perfectly normal in front of you
  5. Feeders (ironic heh)
  6. When TAs are picky with grading (in a really hard mind-blowing class)
  7. Cold sores
  8. Cold sores
  9. Cold sores
  10. When people just kill bees….they’re endangered please
  11. Piled up trash
  12. When people assume without knowing anything and spread that assumption making it a false statement
Emotions List

My Past Relationship (finish this!!)

Before I write anything, I just want to say that I’m so glad that this happened. Through my first relationship, I’ve grown as a person in ways where I became more aware of my love language and became exposed to what I lacked. But most importantly, I’ve learned so much in what a relationship should look like and what should be in its’ core.

Looking back, my relationship was not the healthiest. I started dating with the intentions of just wanting a boyfriend and to experience what it feels like to have someone belong to you. I didn’t think through nor did I really ask my close friends for input and just went straight into the relationship. Furthermore, I didn’t pray about the potential relationship because back then I was blinded with the idea of getting a first boyfriend.

When I dated, everything was new to me. I never held hands, went on fancy valentines dinner dates, receive love letters, or go on Clipper games for monthly anniversaries. He literally spoiled me in every way possible and was the best boyfriend that he could have been. He always drove down for an hour or more every Friday to see me, always bought me meals no matter how many times I’ve offered to split the bill, showered me with dates to places that I’ve never been before (I live under a rock), and showed me love that I’ve never received before. (Disclaimer: I’m not saying I’ve never received love or I grew up with an inadequacy of love. I mean love as in receiving love from your significant other.)

Everything seemed perfect. I felt loved and as every month passed by, our relationship got deeper and stronger. There were times when we did argue about the stupidest things but in the end, we always tried to come to a common ground and resolve it.

But something was off. I felt loved, I felt special, but something was missing and I was searching for what that was for the longest time. It took me a while to come across what was missing in the relationship.


Intimacy when two Christians come together to glorify one God, cherishing each other as significant others but also as brothers and sisters before Christ, and growing together in faith. The problem was, he wasn’t Christian. I did try to talk to him about Christ and Christianity but he as very closed off about those topics and rather questioned and tried to rebuttal against it. To me, there was to a certain point where our

My Past Relationship (finish this!!)