Finding My Purpose

I used to be discontent with where I was during my first year at UC Riverside. I didn’t feel as connected to the community here and was distressed at the fact that I even went to Riverside. With that said, freshman year was coming to a close and it was that time of year when KCM servant team applications were open for sign-up. People were telling each other to join servant team, and a few spoke to me to join. And in the end, I mindlessly sent my application not knowing what God would have in store for me.

God is gracious. He placed a purpose in my heart when I didn’t hold a reason to serve. He told me to have compassion for those who haven’t met Christ, and clearly told me that my purpose of serving in KCM was to love the ones that are broken. This really excited me because throughout my freshmen year at UC Riverside, I was numb to my senses and felt that my purpose was only to fulfill the requirements as a college student. But God being a gracious God, He placed a greater purpose for me that I can hold onto and execute.

Ephesians 4:2 -“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing one another with love.”

I see myself growing through the outreach committee that God has placed me in. Through events like Hugs & Prayer, I became more compassionate towards nonbelievers. Through HOUR (Humans of UC Riverside) which is a replacement of random EV, I had the opportunity to connect with strangers on a personal level which sometimes led to conversations about Christianity. Being present in these events helped me grow a heart for my campus.

1 John 4:8– “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

God is love, and He is teaching me to love. I’m always thankful to God for placing me in outreach, because the more I serve in this committee, my love for the people here increases. Through the physical, tangible contact of hugs and prayer, through the personal interviews, and through the other outreach events, not only has God used me to show His love to others, but also showed me His love for me through the people I interacted with.

My purpose is to love not only God, but also the broken. Sometimes it can be hard to do so, but why should that be an excuse to stop loving when a perfect and sovereign God loved us first, the broken sinners? Through it all, all glory to God.

Finding My Purpose